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MDS coding for New Beginners Part 5: Section F, K & L


Target Audience: MDS Coordinators, Activities & Dietary

Length:  1:02


Identify Coding Instructions for:

  • Section F:  Preferences for Customary Routine and Activities
    Explain required interview techniques and rules
    Discuss staff assessment of preferences

  • Section K: Nutritional Approaches
    Signs and symptoms of possible swallowing problem: Accurate coding
    PDPM implications
    Height and weight, loss and gain:
    Understanding the lookback periods
    Rules for “MD prescribed”
    Weight loss implication for PDPM & QM
    Nutritional approaches
    Accurate coding for ”While” and “While Not” a resident
    When IV fluids can be coded and when they count for PDPM
    Feeding tube implications for PDPM
    Mechanically altered diet:  Definition and PDPM implications
    Therapeutic diet accurate coding
    Calculating percent intake by artificial route, ‘while a resident’ and ‘during entire 7 days’ PDPM implications

  • Section L: Oral/Dental Status
    Accurate coding

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