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MDS coding for New Beginners Part 8: Section V, Z and Care Area Assessments (CAA)

Target Audience: MDS Coordinators, IDT participating in the CAA process

Length:  46:00

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  • Identify the 20 Care Assessment Areas and the triggering process.

  • Describe the Care Assessment Area review process and documentation requirements.

  • Explain coding instructions and timing requirements for Section V0200:  Care Area Assessment Summary

  • Discuss Coding for Section Z:
    Z0100:  Medicare Part A Billing
    Z0200:  State Medicaid Billing
    Z0250:  Alternate State Medicaid Billing
    Z0300:  Insurance Billing
    Z0400: Signature of Persons Completing the Assessment or Entry/Death Reporting
    Z0500: Signature of RN Assessment Coordinator VerifyingAssessment Completion

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