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MDS Coding for New Beginners Recorded Webinar Part 2: Sections C,D,E & Q
Target Audience: MDS Coordinators and Social Workers


Length:  1:17


  • Discuss coding accuracy for:
    Section C: Cognitive Patterns
    Section D: Mood
    Section E: Behaviors
    Section Q: Participation in Assessment and Goal Setting

  • Understand the importance of using the RAI Manual as a reference for coding these sections and conducting the interviews

  • Delineate components of interview for Mental Status (BIMS) and Signs / Symptoms of Delirium

  • Identify critical components of Resident Mood Interview (PHQ-9).

  • Explain how to appropriately code Behaviors (Section E).

  • Explain regulatory reason Section Q is on the MDS

  • Discuss PDPM implications of these sections

  • Discuss QM implications of these sections

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