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Judy teaches multiple public and private webinars and face to face seminars in all parts of the country for long term care team members on the following topics:

  • PDPM

  • RAI process

  • ICD-10 CM Coding

  • SNF Quality Reporting

  • Advanced PPS management

  • Basic MDS coding for beginners

  • Quality Measures

  • Five Star Rating System

  • State Medicaid RUG training

  • Medicare Management in a Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Navigating a Medical Review

  • Beneficiary Notices in a SNF

  • Consolidated billing for the clinical team

AAPACN Workshops

Judy is a Master Teacher for these three day workshops:

  • Resident Assessment Coordinator-Certified (RAC-CT)

  • Advanced Resident Assessment Coordinator (RAC-CTA)​​

Membership: PDPM Master Class

Welcome to PDPM Master Class by Judy Wilhide Brandt. If you join, you will receive exclusive access to members-only content with weekly posts.  This is designed to provide:

  • Master tips on MDS coding to accuracy reflect the complexity of your SNF resident to ensure appropriate reimbursement.

  • Education on correct ICD-10 code assignment

  • Exclusive articles and useful tools to learn and apply PDPM skills when reviewing medical records, conducting SNF resident assessments, and setting the PPS assessment reference date.

  • From time to time, free tip sheets and free or reduced price webinars


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