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Judy teaches multiple public and private webinars and face to face seminars in all parts of the country for long term care team members on the following topics:



RAI process

SNF Quality Reporting Program

Advanced PPS management

Basic MDS coding for beginners

Quality Measures

Five Star Rating System

MDS scheduling

State Medicaid RUG training

Medicare Management in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Navigating a Medical Review

Beneficiary Notices in a SNF

Consolidated billing for the clinical team

ICD-10 CM Coding

AAPACN Workshops


Judy is a Master Teacher for these three day workshops:

Resident Assessment Coordinator-Certified (RAC-CT)

Advanced Resident Assessment Coordinator (RAC-CTA)

See AAPACN.ORG for information and registration. If are interested in a private AAPACN workshop for your organization, use our contact page.


PDPM Review/Medicare Compliance

Judy brings her experience as a state surveyor and legal expert for the US Government to replicate a government audit and teach facility team members how to implement and manage an on-going, robust Medicare compliance auditing program. The review will be conducted by Judy Brandt  and will focus on review of your systems that support a successful and compliant Medicare program. This service is being offered to supplement your organization’s compliance program and quality/ performance improvement efforts. The goal is to give the organization the tools and knowledge to perform these audits internally afterwards.

Judy will work remotely or on-site to provide PDPM review and education for compliance and missed opportunities.  Clients have seen significant reimbursement increases with her insights and education.  She is a Certified Professional Coder and AHIMA approved ICD 10 trainer, so she can also review and teach correct ICD-10 coding.  She was a contributor to the AHCA/AHIMA ICD-10 coding web-based training. 

Clients have seen significant revenue increases with more compliant MDS and ICD-10 coding for PDPM.  Her wealth of clinical knowledge combined with Medicare expertise make her uniquely qualified to audit and to teach.  Teaching staff after the reviews is probably her forte.  She doesn't just send a list of 'over and underpayments.'  She spends time listening and teaching. She is a great teacher because of her vast knowledge and expertise and because she has the gift of teaching.  She believes that any expert that cannot explain a complex subject to anyone in a way they can easily understand is not really an expert.  She wants to work herself out of a job by making your staff self sufficient.  

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